About Comprehensive Pain Management

What is Pain Management?


Pain management is a relatively new field of medicine directed at diagnosing and treating patients with acute and chronic PAINFUL conditions including joints, spine and musculoskeletal disorders. Unlike other specialties we are able to identify patients who present with a single condition or with multiple conditions such as orthopedic, neurological and rhematological disorders. We spend the time to identify the overlapping causes of a person’s pain and after educating the patient about their condition we work with them and in some cases, with other specialist to form and implement a treatment plan to quickly reduce pain levels, increase activity levels and in many cases eliminate the painful condition

Is pain management right for you

Whether you have a new injury or have been in pain for many years our training will allows us to accurately diagnose your painful condition and provide the treatment that is customized to your unique situation and history.


Injections to manage and cure pain

Many people have  fear when it comes to having any kind of injection or surgical procedure. By taking the time to explain the patient’s medical problems and educated them as to treatment options available, many fears can be quickly eliminated. Most of the procedures we provide are considered very low risk and are performed with conscious sedation minimizing any patient anxiety or discomfort.

Practice Policies

  1. Medication Contract  (Clickable not printable or able to copy)
  2. Front office make a list i.e. must have  paper work, ID , copay
  3. Cancellation policy

Our Philosophy/Mission

To provided quality state of the art care for patients with painful conditions. We aim to quickly and accurately diagnosis the source of the patient’s pain and provide immediate pain reduction with long term treatment options. We always prefer utilizing conservative non surgical, non invasive options whenever possible. We treat people with dignity and respect and strive to help them regain control of their lives and live free from pain.